True Press Ink Jet Printer


The information according to needs is speedily.
The full color barrier bulldog print captures the needs of the customer precisely and raises accuracy of the business.With advances in technology in recent years, have to both quality and speed at a higher level, cleared an important theme of One to One marketing, very quickly.Due to added value produce full-color variable printing, can deploy to a variety of applications.
Great expressive power beyond the limits of high speed inkjet printing
The newest ink-jet technology and the color management technology cultivated for years in the field of prepress are united. Truepress Jet520 realizes high speed, stability print while maintaining a high quality and meets needs of the full color barrier bulldog print increasing more.The PIEZO DOD ink-jet head array of reliable Seiko Epson is adopted as an ink-jet head. The head can control discharge of the ink by the piezoelectric element that form changes by the voltage super precisely and realizes print at many gradation. I enabled fluent gradation reproduction.
In-line full color inspection equipment is preinstalled!
In the full color barrier bulldog print, inspection of the whole print side is necessary in addition to partial inspection. It’s possible to check detection of a printing defect and the barcode character dirt because it’s equipped with check equipment by the standard inside the printer in Truepress Jet520.The inspection information can keep it as log and can inflect for the offers to a process after inspection results information and fault information.

It has 128-m high-speed printing in 1 minute, and I have a margin also at quick delivery, and correspond.
The times when “speed is said to be all” as for the information.The digital variable printing system which was more excellent in productivity is called for. Truepress Jet520 boasts the highest levels of productivity as a fur color variable printing machine has 1 minute to provide up to 128 m fur color variable print. 50400 pages per hour productivity is the concatenation of two Simplex configuration when configuring a Dual Engine Duplex A4 page.Triple 37200 sheets per hour if the DM size print, 13800 page to print newspaper size. And respond appropriately to the ever increasing delivery needs to also, contribute to the production of timely client with high quality fur color variable information.



・Print method:Piezoelectric single-pass print、1 drop 4 gradation
・Ink:Water-based pigments、 4 color process color (CMYK)
・Resolution:Max 720 X 720 dpi
・Printing speed:Max 128m/min.
・Printing width*:150-507mm
・Paper width*:165-520mm
*Printing width:At the time of double-sided printingSingle Engine Duplex 150-238mm
*Paper width:At the time of double-sided printingSingle Engine Duplex 165-250mm


・Direct mail
・A bill with an advertisement
・Free paper
・Learning materials
・Product manuals