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High Speed Booking Inserter


Fast and beautiful
Enclosure sealing is possible with 2,100 tax payment letters of advice for up to one hour.High manufacturing efficiency is realized without giving an operator stress, while decreasing the trouble at the time of an enclosure seal with high bookbinding accuracy with "the quick positive operation" unique to DYUPURO.
If it is a DYUPURO LG booking inserter, there is also no troublesomeness which adjusts a pasting position etc. Even if it does not adjust a pasting position — "a separate mechanism" — "– it puts aside and a pasting position is always constant at mechanism." The "jogger pressing machine style" of a new function is arranging a paper from the four quarters, and has realized preeminent bookbinding accuracy.




Hot melt pattern the coating version trunk exchange type
It is a standard system of ETI. In respect of the physical properties as an adhesive, the hot melt adhesion has already satisfied all the demands from the industry. When the turn to hot melt adhesion is not allowed, I adopt the emulsion coating equipment of our company.
1. Use adhesive : hot melt adhesive
2. adhesive type : [ Rubber system, ]
Product slot mask coating made from EVA system and acrylics system
3. system:ETI
4. feature: Develop at ETI company so that the adhesion layer formation where even the bright film base material was stabilized for high quality from paper may be possible. 5. coating tunic: Less than ±5%
6. speed: Top speed 150 m


It is correspondence, book + single in a wide use

Suitable for a wide range of support, all

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