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  1. COHESIO-Domestic rare strongest adhesive label presses

    It is a rotary machining self-adhesive labels in any materials such as paper, film, cardboard “COHESIO”. Feeder has two units, one label base paper, enters the model "COHESIO" machine as a base material for liner on the other hand. Decorated with Silicon coating on the liner material in this machine, the label substrate printed adhesive on the underside and then two Web paste and then are processed into self adhesive label materials. It is possible to use only one paper, coated with silicon, lower surface on adhesive to the substrate surface to Linares label.

  2. Offset Rotary Press MVF26

    It is the world's strongest business forms printing machines.High productivity and low realized losses on paper, delivers outstanding cost performance.Demonstrate the overwhelming performance in the production of forms and continuous stationery.Business forms, of course, for a variety of products such as labels, light weight cartons and paper type.Demonstrate the robust in tough production environments that require high speed driving and mass production.

  3. Offset Rotary Press MVF18
  4. Relief Printing Machine MRF

    The newest shaftless system is adopted and the compatibility of a cylinder is secured. It is a next-generation business form presses combines innovative new features, enabling precise control of your computer.

  5. Fuji Xerox 1400IJ

    Tru express Jet 520 is a full-color variable printing system resulted from fusion of prepress and inkjet technology.Adopt the roll paper rationing scheme, allows you to print high-quality images on each page and character and allows printing large amounts of speed.It became possible to provide major added value of high-quality full-color variable printing suitable for thus, One to One market.

  6. True Press Ink Jet Printer
  7. Flexographic Press 8 Colors
  8. Crimp Postcard Processing Machine
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