The strongest business forms printing press

Offset Rotary Press MVF26

It is the world's strongest business forms printing machines.High productivity and low realized losses on paper, delivers outstanding cost performance.Demonstrate the overwhelming performance in the production of forms and continuous stationery.Business forms, of course, for a variety of products such as labels, light weight cartons and paper type.Demonstrate the robust in tough production environments that require high speed driving and mass production.


The merit
Preeminent cost performance is realized being compatible in a high throughput and low lost.
■ productivity
Overwhelming performance is demonstrated to production of a continuous business form and check allied products.
■ Versatility
It corresponds to a label and the colorful product by which it’s for a light-weight carton as well as the business form and the paper kind.
■ Durability
A high robustness is also shown in the hard practical use environment that high-speed driving and mass production are requested.
■ Reliability
Outstanding reliability all over the world to demonstrate more than 1000 units delivered.
The feature
■ Powered by computer in MS-800 of its own. To calculate the optimum paper feed paper thickness in addition maintain even slowing down at a very high level of printing and processing registration accuracy.
■ It can be equipped with various processing options including the processing in paste coating, die cut and an occasion. It supports the product form of the wide range.
■ It is a lineup with 18 “, 20”, 22 “, four kinds of 26”. I can choose the most suitable model according to amount of production and product size.
■ Sectional drive model equipped with techno e (numerical control system) and WFP (total control of the workflow feature), has achieved dramatic losses on paper reduction and improvement in production efficiency.
■ Be able to build only one machine in the world by detailed customized design according to requirements.



Maximum paper width:26.5inches
Maximum print width:26inches
Cassette size:14~28inches・17~36inches
Wide sewing machine size:14~30inches
Zigzag fold size:7~18inches
Paper maximum scroll diameter:50inches(1270mm)
The max speed(Fold):250m/min
The max speed (Winding):250m/min
Paper basis weight:35~157g/m2


・ Delivery check, continuous business form
・ Direct mail, crimp postcard
・ Security print product
・ Public lottery, betting ticket, ship ticket
・ Article, pharmaceutical products attachment document