Full color variable printing system

Fuji Xerox 1400IJ

Tru express Jet 520 is a full-color variable printing system resulted from fusion of prepress and inkjet technology.Adopt the roll paper rationing scheme, allows you to print high-quality images on each page and character and allows printing large amounts of speed.It became possible to provide major added value of high-quality full-color variable printing suitable for thus, One to One market.


Information depending on needs became speedy
Fur color variable print is tailored to customers ‘ needs, increase the accuracy of the business.Evolution of technology in recent years enabled it to be compatible in quality and speed on a high level, and the two important themes "One to One marketing" and "super-quick delivery" were cleared. Deployment to various applications can be aimed at by the added value which full color variable printing produces.

Outstanding power of expression exceeding the limit of high-speed ink jet printing
It is fusion in the latest ink-jet technique and color management technology that I cultivated for many years in a field of the pre-press. Truepress Jet520 realizes high speed, stability print while maintaining a high quality and meets needs of the full color barrier bulldog print increasing more. To an ink-jet head, I adopt piezoDOD ink-jet head array of reliable Seiko Epson Corporation.By the piezo-electric element from which a form changes with voltage, the amount of discharge of ink can be controlled overly precisely, and printing by many gradation is realized.
Smooth gradation reappearance was enabled.

In-line full color inspection equipment is preinstalled!
In the full color barrier bulldog print, inspection of the whole print side is necessary in addition to partial inspection. It’s possible to check detection of a printing defect and the barcode character dirt because it’s equipped with check equipment by the standard inside the printer in Truepress Jet520.The inspection information can keep it as log and can inflect for the offers to a process after inspection results information and fault information.

It has 128-m high-speed printing in 1 minute, and I have a margin also at quick delivery, and correspond.
The times when “speed is said to be all” as for the information.The digital variable printing system which was more excellent in productivity is called for. Truepress Jet520 boasts the highest levels of productivity as a fur color variable printing machine has 1 minute to provide up to 128 m fur color variable print. 50400 pages per hour productivity is the concatenation of two Simplex configuration when configuring a Dual Engine Duplex A4 page.Triple 37200 sheets per hour if the DM size print, 13800 page to print newspaper size. And respond appropriately to the ever increasing delivery needs to also, contribute to the production of timely client with high quality fur color variable information.



・Printer composition:Single Engine Duplex
・Color correspondence;Full color Monochrome
・Print method:Piezoelectric drop-on-demand ink-jet method
・Write-in resolution:600×600 dpi
・Gradation:1 drop 4 gradation
・Warm-up time✴︎1:Less than 16 minutes(Room temperature 23℃)
・Consecutive print speed✴︎2:656pages/min.(A4Cut paper、Both sides print conversion)
・Paper:size✴︎3 Width 152.4~520.7 mm(Single-sided printing)
・Width:152.4~254.0 mm(Double-sided printing)
・Paper basis weight✴︎4;:64~157 g/m2
・The ream amount:55~135 kg(四六Size)
・Paper feed:Sheet feeder connection(Maximum roll diameter:1270 mm)
・Paper discharge:Paper discharge equipment connection(Maximum roll diameter:1285 mm)
・Paper feed speed:Max100 m/min.
・Movement sound✴︎5:During working hours:Less than 82 dB(A)
・Power supply:Three-phase AC200 V ± 10 %、180 A、50/60 HzCommon use
・Maximum power:consumption:Less than 62.3 kVA
・Size✴︎6:width5900×Depth2490×hight1780 mm
width7100×depth2490×height1780 mm(With an inspection department )
・Setting space:width8900×depth6388 mm
width10100×depth6388 mm(With an inspection department)
・Mass:5479kg     6389 kg(With an inspection department)


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