Regarding to the latest technology and the information.
High-quality print is performed by the strict quality control system.

 The diversification of the printing industry ins gain, and usage is also various. The print impossible up to now is also becoming possible. We collect Information always and put in modern technology in order to respond to the request of all customer enterprises.
 For example, at YAGUCHI MANUFACTURING, we introduced COHESIO which is the strongest pressure sensitive adhesive label cylinder press into which only several planes are introduced in Japan.

Quality supremacy is the starting point of YAGUCHI MANUFACTURING, an own idea of us.

 The height of the manufacturing technique with which Japan has been supported, the Japanese printing technique is also top-ranking in the world. To maintain it, a strict control system and the power of the engineer are important. It's a person to support the quality and an enterprise to support a person. The quality is collective strength in YAGUCHI MANUFACTURING.