The information management asked increasingly. The office building and factory inf strict security.

The office building and factory with strict security .
The system of management is strictly complete.

 An information system and the internet are something necessary to operation of an enterprise and the organization. But in the same time the enterprise is going to have danger of a stop of an information system and an information leak in exchange for advantage convenience of such system. Such danger doesn't stop at one company, spreads to each related company.The responsibility each enterprise has is big. It becomes important to prepare to arrange the environment that such danger is evaded.
 The management of information is important, so the environment of the in and out of the company is being maintained by the thoroughgoing condition. A card authentication system is introduced into each entrance of the office building of the company building. A security system is installed double in area where does high business of the importance to outsider's invasion is being prevented.

Information securities measure of enterprise is desired increasingly by “my number” institutional introduction.

 The information which the customer enterprise treats is most important. Also the information of the clients, the information which the clients are having. We manage it strictly. And we have original quality control standard. We are producing a product of number one in this industry.
  A personal information protection law is revised in December, 2014, and then notice of my number has started from October, 2015. The personal information by which “my number” is as “specific personal information” , a severer information management is needed.
According to a guideline of ”my number” , a plan of systematic safety control measure is desired. At YAGUCHI MANUFACTURING, card authentication in entering and leaving the room and a thoroughgoing security measure is being performed by a crime prevention camera system.