The Scenery Never Change, Unless Move by Myself.

Yaguchi Manufacturing Co,.Ltd. had established in 1980 at here, Ibaraki Prefecture.
 The company growth well due to the powerful economic growth of Japan, we build the brand new factory in 2002.And we also try reorganization several time to steady down the faundation which was built up by previous managements.
 For more than 10 years after I took office as the president, the printing industries have changed greatly. And we always feel to change ourself to handle that.
 “ To handle diversification of media and business style and produce new value with original ideas. ” It becom our nomal thinking of the business unnoticed.
 “My scenery will be never changed while I stay same place. ” This is the pharase I always remind myself after took office as the president.
 We will try hard and make effort to provide the best value with the reasonable price to the clients, and also deal with information certainly and safety.
 The YAGUCHI’S justice is to be the most valuable partner and to be the existence being trusted by clients.

Hajime Yaguchi,
president, CEO
December 2016